Vision Ventures manages the Vision Ventures Growth I venture capital fund, which invests in exceptional Slovak companies with international ambitions.

The fund’s focus

The fund’s focus

The fund under our management is focused on companies and projects in the "Seed", "Start up" and "Early stage" phases.


We have a generalist approach and we are open to various sectors. A strong growth potential and the team able to deliver are what is important to us.

Geographical focus

We invest in companies that are based and operate in Slovakia. The company in which we invest cannot be registered with the Business Register earlier than three years ago at the moment of investment.

Investment size

We make investments between €100 thousand and €800 thousand. The investment size depends mainly on the need for financing and the development stage of the company.

Investment type

We invest in the basic capital of the company for which we acquire a minority stake in the company. In some cases, we can also provide mezzanine financing.

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